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Post by Nex on Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:59 pm

The SYT Forum is intended for users of all age. Respect is key to the conduct here at SYT and to keep things clean and appropriate, it is important to follow the following rules when using the SYT Forum:

At SYT, we do not:
Spam to excess, spam attack or post with intent on spam
Flame others users
Insult with intent to hurt
Commit Racism, Bigotry, Sexism, Liable, Slander, Hate Literature, Plagiarism (Immediate Banning is Result)
Hacking (Immediate Banning is result)

The best rule of thumb here is use your judgment and common sense.

For the most part, each situation is deal with according to how the staff feels it should best be dealt with. Generally there is a three strike system, first strike is a warning by a staff member via PM, the second is a temporary ban judged by the staff and the third is a permanent banning from the forum. If you are even a pilot of SYT, do not think that gives you the right or permission to break the rules here, you can and will be banned from the forum is necessary.

I am sure most of this is fairly common to you guys, just play fair and be respectful of others and things will be fine!

Forum Rules and Guidelines Nexsig10
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