2mar18 3x ship from various to Tion

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2mar18 3x ship from various to Tion

Post by Darlene on Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:51 pm

I have a YG-4210 at
Galactic Position: (-71, 155)
System Position: (19, 10)
And 3 escape pods at
System: Glom Tho (-123, 172)
System Position: (10, 0)

2 crates of larg backpacks

Your order Order No. 5069: [John Uurp]-[Y19 D89] has been stored in container "DoT Pick Up #11".
This container can be found in Asrat System, Coordinates (9,12). You or your designated pilot have been added to the crewlist.


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