First Request - Customer Feedback - Year 19 Day 302

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First Request - Customer Feedback - Year 19 Day 302

Post by Marquis on Wed Nov 21, 2018 6:07 pm


I am Marquis and I saw an ad for SYT on the swc forums. Being a busy soldier, I don't have the luxury of traveling whenever to conduct personal business like some people and I want to be able to enjoy the resources available in the game. When I stumbled upon SYT I was somewhat cautious because I know most transport factions I'm familiar with operate for governments and their partnered factions. I didn't think there was a public faction that served almost anyone until I read up on SYT and discovered that there was such a faction.
I immediately connected with Mr. Starrunner and did business, I understand in such a galaxy as ours it can be tough to staff any organization and that we can't expect immediate results all the time. Mr. Starrunner was very kind enough though to take my service request and fulfill it for me. As a customer who is committed to supporting SYT not only by requesting service but actively sharing my experience I hope to be able help SYT to grow even improve its services so that it can reach out to more clients who could benefit from them.



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Re: First Request - Customer Feedback - Year 19 Day 302

Post by Kael Ta`em on Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:17 pm

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