I have a few storys to tell part 1

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I have a few storys to tell part 1 Empty I have a few storys to tell part 1

Post by Kael Ta`em on Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:28 pm

For you old timers, you may have already heard the three stories am about to share. With a little flashback now and again doesn't hurt.

The first story comes from the second pilot to have joined SYT His name is Brawn Quixote.This is back when we the were still called SYT LLC freelance.

Brawn Quixote: The Life and Times of a Freelancer

This is a dramatization of my character's life in the Combine. Some events didn't happen, others did. I make no claims at being a SW scholar, so please forgive any mistakes.

Enter Quixote

The escape pod lurched and shuddered violently as Brawn clawed his way back into the pilot's seat, blood now trickling from a fresh gash above his left eye. Warning klaxons squealed away, adding to the already chaotic scene. "Override system warnings!" Brawn bellowed to the computer. The klaxons fell silent, but their absence did little to improve Brawn's situation. He quickly fastened the safety harness, and just in time as the next wave of jerks and shudders wracked the pod. The inertial dampers (ID) were offline, a most unpleasant malfunction during a planet-fall. A power coupling had blown, but Brawn had managed to re-route power from the life-support and communications systems. The current surge re-initialized the ID, but damaged the pod's main power source. No matter, now that he was making planet-fall Brawn would have no need of the other systems. He didn't have much of a choice at any rate; without the ID, the impact would likely kill him.

The pod's feeble maneuver thrusters began to whine as they overheated in their attempt to stabilize the falling pod. Without life-support to compensate, the pod was beginning to seriously overheat. Another few minutes of this stress, and the pod would surely break up. Brawn snapped his head left and right, checking readouts and adjusting manually. The pod's AI was very slow, a sure sign that the heat was beginning to affect the computer's core.

The heat was stifling now, and the air seemed to burn Brawn's lungs. Darkness was creeping in from the edges of his vision as he struggled to stay conscious. He snapped his head left, and waves of nausea nearly overpowered him. The ETA read out was at 35 seconds. Brawn watched the display tick off two more seconds before the pod's thrusters finally blew and took the main power source with them. An eerie silence fell. Brawn could only hear the air whistling over the pod's exterior as it hurtled towards the planet. He had survived re-entry. Alone in the dark Brawn fought to stay conscious. The heat in the pod had not yet dissipated, and the air was stagnant. He reached out a hand and found the ID manual engage button (lessons from his father had taught him to know the position by heart), while his other hand futilely wiped at the sweat and blood in his eyes. The ID had its own power supply, but without the computer Brawn would have to engage manually. If he engaged too soon, the small power cell would be consumed before impact, and ID would not be active when needed most. If he failed to engage soon enough, it wouldn't matter how much power was in the cell. Brawn shook his head again to stay awake. It was getting harder to breathe. Waves of dizziness and nausea threatened to pull him down, deep into oblivion. He would have to take a chance. The hand above the ID engage button began to shake as Brawn began to count aloud. 1.....the darkness swelled up to take him...2....it beckoned sweetly.....3...velvet blackness embraced him......4....Brawn began to fade away.....5. Brawn screamed and slammed his hand down on the button......

Brawn Quixote
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