I have a few storys to tell part 3.1

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I have a few storys to tell part 3.1 Empty I have a few storys to tell part 3.1

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The third and final story comes from one of the founders of SYT. It's a long and boring story. But it is the first time I ever wrote anything for people to read. The story is part of the history of Kael Ta`em. The story starts off from the single point of view of a young Barable (me) and starts to include the viewpoints of others later in the story. You know, as the character matures so did the viewpoint of the story.

This is part two


LIVING BARABEL part 2 of Becoming Barabel
Kael Ta`em

A Barabel is a reptile that comes from the planet Barab now called Barab I. It is a hot planet with nothing living on the surface full time. Due to the red dwarf star the planet sits way to close to. For 8 to 10 hours each day the heat and radiation would kill any one out side with out protection. When at its worse ribbons of plasma will forum burning the atmosphere it self. The plasma ribbons seldom touch the ground.
It is referred to as desert planet. But this is not entirely accurate.
The planet is parched when the sun is up. After the sun goes down much of the water falls back to the ground.

The Barabel who call this planet home stand 2 meters tall +/- 2 centimeters. They’re few Barabel outside of that range. They are equipped with thick hard scales. These protect them from much the heat, radiation and beasts of the planet. As many off worlders have found many blasters as well. As one human said “if you can hold it in one hand, don’t point it at a Barabel?” and that is said HU-MUN by the Barabel. With their 1 to 1 ½ inch teeth 1½ to 2 inch claws and +4 strength They are able to feed them self even if in the wild. Most activities are done at night so the Barabel eyes have adapted in two ways. The first is a hard semi clear lens. Witch acts as a pair of sunglasses and dust cover for their eyes. The secant is a thicker hard eyelid. It is believed to give the Barabel the ability to see infer red.
For many years it was believed the Barabel were warm blooded.
We now know they are just very well insulated.

“My name is Kael Ta`em and I am Barabel not a Barabel.” “That is to say I have been tested body, mind and sole.” One can be a Barabel and never be tested. Or be tested and fail. But to be true Barabel you must be tested and pass. Then and only then can you call your self Barabel. “The “A” in A Barabel can be heard for more than a kilometer away by other Barabel.” If you find you’re self curious about this testing. You should read “Becoming Barabel” “for I do not wish to tell the same story twice. That would be silly.”

“I passed my test a good 5 years ago now.” “I have been working security at the spaceport with my farther.” The position I fill was my mothers at one time. “So I sure you can tell.” “My life has not been as exciting as I had hoped.” My farther tells me. “Sun, with your size you were meant to do this kind of work.” I have tried telling him I was meant for more. He just smiles and says. “Sure you become Barabel than come here smash a few heads and you start thinking you’re more than you are.” So what do you get for becoming Barabel. Instead of having one small room in the family house you get two small rooms in the family house.
And even then you have to dig them and put up the walls your self.

“I got up a little late this morning but that OK.” “I always plan two hour of free time before work.” The rest of the house is getting ready to bed down. “Yes, that right, on Barab no one goes out in the day.” “If they like living that it.” So of course I work in the day time. The few visitors I do see are offworlder. The end of my shift is a little more interesting. By then it’s getting dark. And the rest of the world is getting up. Every once while some of the local young men will come to try their luck with the giant red Barabel. “I enjoy this, it keep me sharp.” So I’m up the sun is just starting to go down. “I think I’ll walk to work and let the last rays of the sun polish my scales.”

As I walk in the door Faytar runs over to me. Faytar is the guy I relieve each morning and to see him running is unusual. As a mater of fact to see him move is a little unusual.” Hay Kael you have gotten 3 subspace massages to day.” “Me really, from who.” “I don’t know he wouldn’t give his name.” “That’s strange.” “That’s not all, he kept call you big red.” “No, it could be.” “That’s what that strange little hu-man kept calling me.” “You know the one that blew a hole in the seat of his speeder so I could ride with him.” “Hay I gotta go he is on 557891 . let me know what it’s all about.”
Kael goes to the comms room and punches in 557891 “aaah this is Kael Ta`em is someone looking for me.” Nothing so he tries again in common. “Is someone looking for Kael Ta`em …………..”Yes, I am. Are you he”. ….”Yes I am he”…”what time do you return to your home”…………”aah”…..”Sundown”….” See you then”………….”Who am I talking to?”………………………………………………………………………….

That was it. So I got to work. It was a slow day we had one Devaronian who could not or would not speak common. No biggi. Then we had a Bothan that refused to open one of his bags. He changed his mind when he saw a 2.7 meter tall Barabel with a vibro ax standing behind him. All he had in the bag was two one hand blasters and three knifes. “Sir, we don’t hold the people who have weapons only the one that don’t.”
“You may go, enjoy your time on Barab I.” “ But don’t shot at the prince he is a friend of mine and that would upset me.” “Do you want me to get up set?” He just ran off. The rest of the day I sat thinking about the strange caller. This made for one long long day.

When I got off work I headed straight home. The day had gotten cloudy before the sun even got to the horizon. This happens in the winter. That’s a common word we don’t really have winter. We have the short days and the short nights. This time of year we are just entering the short days. This is the best time to visit Barab. The longer night and shorter days means it’s cooler and there is less radiation. And it only rains for a bout half the night.

As I came over the small hill before my home. I could see a ship sitting in front of the house. Kael thinks, Why would some one land a ship out in the sun. Do they like doing repairs? What an ugly ship it is to. Now walking faster and faster. The ship is an old as dirt YG-4210. Keal notices he had his head down and his tail stretched out behind him and just going in to a run. They are going to think I’m attacking them. so he pulls his head up and slows himself,,,a little.

He gets to the house and just stands there between the ship and the house. “I sure I look like a moron but do I go to the house or the ship.” As he stands thinking about this the door of the house fly’s open. “Kael you have company get in here.” His father says. So Kael heads down the ramp lowering his head so not to hit it on the door header. Trying to turn his to the side. Hope to see who it is before getting face to face with them.

Down the ramp thou the door and in to the house. And who dose he see,,,no one. There I no one there. But wait there’s a face poking around my furthers side. “Sorry Kael but I know better than to pop out in front of you”. Hello big red have you eaten any Shi`lecks hart lately.” “Mr yang hello and no just hu-mon harts.” “You’ll get fat eating humans.” “I was just telling you foks how I found you out there that day.” “I surprised you never told them.” “Why?” “Ah never mind I have a job for you.” “Would you help me load some cargo it will give up a chance to catch up.” “Sure I would like that.” “Then lets go.” He turns to Kael father. “I thank you and you fine family for be so kind on this my first visit in to your home.” “Any time.” From kael’s mother. “Come again we would love to have you for dinner.”

Yang gets to the top of the ramp. “Kael I think you mom wants to eat me or was that an invitation?” “It was an invitation hu-mon taste like crud.” “How do you know, wait don’t answer that.” “There are some things a man dose not need to know.” “By the way how is that new eye working out?” “It work well sometimes to well.” With that yang taped his wrist and the loading ramp came down on his ship. Kael and yang got to the top of the ramp. “Mr. Yang I think you meant to say you need me to help unload you cargo.” “No I only said that for your parents.” “You once asked me If that what you do to speeders what would you use on a Shi`leck. And I said” "Why you, of course". “So I was hopping you would help me on a business deal.” “I don’t feel entirely safe going in a lone.” “What do you say?” “What do you think you think is going to happen?” “More than likely it all will be fine, but I’d feel better with you there and you’ll net a quick 1,000 credits.” “I’ll do it but there is no need to pay me.” “This you well need to remember for the rest of your life.” We are friends before and after business.” “But Keep business separate or you will never be successful in ether.” “Ah OK.” As we walk thought the ship heading for the cockpit Yang started filling me in. “I have enough gun here for a small army.” “There is a Chiss waiting in the city to buy them from me.” “We are to meet in two hours” He picks up a belt and blaster off the top of a box. “This is for you, Put this on” That didn’t work out so well, in the end we had to hook two belts together to get it around me. “Kael have you been getting fat?” “Don’t you think you’re a little to close to be asking that?” With that Kael tapped him on the top of the head with one claw. “My, but you look so strong today.” Yang said with a big grin on his face.

Yang sat in the pilot’s seat and lifted off swing the ship 130deg around. After working at the spaceport for this many years Keal could tell this man new what he was doing. A slight dip of the nose and they were off. As this the baron, flat. rocky ground passed under the ship Yang said “I’ll never get use to how lifeless it looks” “It’s not and forgetting that would be a big mistake.” “Oh I know, remember I’ve seen you in action.” And that all the chitchat we had time for. We were landing. Again the skill of the pilot showed. Kael could hardly tell they were on the ground. The ship landed down town of the capital city. Keal knew the layout other than that the only way you could tell was the number of ship parked on the suffice. There must have been 20 of them. Keal and Yang both knew there were at least 5 times that in the city. They took the stairs down in to the city. And there they were at least a hundred ships in one place. “I have never seen so many ship at one time.” “Really?” well don’t worry about it you’ll get use to it soon enough.

They came to a stone-faced building as most were. But the Stone was something Kael had never seen. Stone on Barab was brown, white or red. This was black with white specks in it. He said nothing and they went inside. On Barab few building had more than one level. The few that do have ramps witch take up a lot of space. Kael has used stairs when he was on Naboo so many years ago. Stairs are very uncomfortable for Barabel to use. But this place had stairs. This building could be on Naboo. But for the fact the top floor is the 1st and bottom is the 4th and the stairs are less steep. “What is this place?” “This is a traders lounge.” ”You’ll find one in most large city.” “I’ve never seen one before.” “This I the first one Barab.” It has only been here for about 3 years.” “Prince Sean Tell had it built out of his own pocket.”

“This is how we’ll play this.” “If all goes well we’ll make the deal.” “I’ll slide my chair back then stand and we’ll leave.” “I’ll walk out first, So your scale will protect us.” ”If I put my hands flat on the table get ready for trouble.” “If I stand with our sliding my chair back.” “Well, do your thing.”
“I expect him to have a body guard.” “The guard is all your if there is a fight.”

“This is our room”. Yang opens the door marked 2B7. We walk in to a room the same size as my bedroom. There is a large table in the center that touches both side of the room. I looked under the table to find it has a stone barrier running from one wall to the other. The table has one seat on ether side. They’re also a door on the other side. The room wold look the same if you put a mirror in the middle of the table. “If we came down the “A” stair case we would be on that side.” I take it traders don’t trust each other.” “Most,,,no” “But this is a “frienly” room some of the other have a shield running down the middle of the table.”

The door on the other side of the room swings open and a Chiss with a black cape and leather armor steps in to the room. Followed by a Wookiee with some sort of collar around his neck. Yang and the Chiss sit. And they don’t take their eyes of each other. Yang sets a pen and paper on the table. He must have had them in his hand when we walk in I didn’t see him reach for his pocket. With out looking he rites something and slides the paper over to the Chiss. He picks it up, looks at it and put it down. And stars at yang.
After three minutes of this. He writes something and slides the paper back. Yang doesn’t look down. He just shakes his head and writes something on the paper and slides it over. Something is not right yang has a slight stiffness in his back. I move slowly 12 centimeters toward the table. And put my tail on the floor ever so slowly. The Chiss picks up the paper reads. At the same time he slowly moves his hand other hand to the wrist of the hand holding the paper.

As the Chiss crumples the paper, Yang put his hands on the table and stands. To late I’m already moving. The Wookiee looks like he just woke up and he starts to move. But the Chiss is going for a blaster. Frack a blaster in one hand and a knife in the other. I fly over the table using my tail to nock the Wookiee back. And with my left hand i grab the blaster out of his right. Then the Wokee was on me. Chiz, he strong. “Get of my back rug.” I tried to grab his head but he bit on to my hand. So you want to play with teeth, ok. I sunk my teeth in to the arm that was going for my neck. Than tug my claws in to his tong. “Yuk” and I pulled and pulled. I open my teeth and let go of the arm and over the wokee went. On his back, on the floor I jumped, landing on his chest. Well I wasn’t going to but my hand in that mouth gain. So I put my hand under that thing that was abound his neck. And started to twist. My hand was on fire. What was happing. I couldn’t let go.
I got on my feet and used my whole body to twist that thing. “Crack” “Snap” I was free! And the fire was gone. OK, then back to the Wookiee. And Yang said. “Kael you can stop.” I look up and there sits Yang. His vibro still in the Chiss’ chest and he’s playing with the guys wrist. “I glad you busted that thing I couldn’t shut it off.” “huu” “Come on let get out of here” with that the wookiee starts whining or crying or something. “Keal Kalarka here says he owes you a life debt.” Kael just says “Let’s go” and they all walk out the door on the “A” side. “So did that go the way you wanted?” “Not even a little”

when we got to the top of the stairs we found the lobby was full. Price Sean Tell and his guard had come in to the building. Prince Tell walked right over to us. Took a good look at the blood on my hand, the wookiees mouth, neck and arm. And yes even Yang who looked as fresh as a spring morning on Naboo. “Did your deal go poorly?” Yang steeped forward. “Yes sir, I’m sorry.” We left a dead Chiss in Room 2AB7.” “Well it did go poorly.” Tell gave one of his guards a quick look and two of them headed down the stairs. “If this is the same Chiss that has been killing people here for the last two weeks.” “I may owe you one.” “Kael is that you?” “Yes sir” “Would you be so kind as to tell your farther I send my best.” Yes sir I would be happy to.” “May I have a word with you Sheng-ji yang” “I didn’t know you knew who I was.” “I do, now a word” and they walked off. The wookiee started making noises again. When they got back. A guard whispered something in the princes’ ear. “Well it looks like you did do me a favor downstairs after.” “Yang 5% to the deal.” And we headed back to the ship with the wookiee in toe.

Once we were in the air I had some question I wanted answered. “So Yang, What was on his wrist?” “Good place to start Kael” “He had the controller for the slave collar that Kalarka had on.
“OK, what is a life debt?” “If you save the life of a wookiee they give themselves to you until they have save your life.” “I was trying to end his life not save it” “waaanooss” “he said you did save him know live with it.” “What deal did you make with the prince?” “He took the guns I was there to sell.” “I think that’s it.” “Good it’s my turn then. I have been thinking a bout starting a freelance transport company.” “I would like you to be my partner.” “Who, me or the wookiee?” “you”
“When we met 5 years ago I knew you were the one I wanted at my side.” “wow, I mean thank you” but why me?” “I want some one that will see what needs to be done and do it.” “And let me do what I need to do.” “oh and some one that will cover my back.” “As you have seen by our new wookiee friend that no small thing.” “OK, I’ll do it but…” “But what this is business don’t hold back”
“Two things, First I’ll need to pick up my ship.” “You have a ship?” “Don’t act so surprised. I still have to make the last payment.” “Don’t leave me hanging, What is it?” It’s a J-type 327 Starship
I call it THE EXCALIBUR.” “That’s a good name” “The secant thing I’ll have to win my freedom from the family” “That I know.” “Can you do it?” Kael just looked at Yang and smiled.


This guy is not messing around. He asked whom I was buying the ship from. When I told him, he yanked the ship around and we were on our way to pick up my ship. “Hold on I have to go home and get my credits.” “You’ll just have to get them on the way back.” Twenty minutes later we were there and head down the ramp. “Kael why don’t you go check out your ship.” “Make sure it’s ready to go.” So I’m headed for the new ship with my new pet Wokiee and Yang heads for the office. When I get to the ship I find the loading ramp is down. Some one has been storing engine parts in it. So I start unloading them. Or maybe I should say I start dumping them on the ground. After about 15 minutes I start getting hot and a little grumpy. “Kael….Kael pickup.” Yang’s coming over the comms. “yah go a head.” “Is the ship in oder?” “No but it will be.” What’s wrong with it?” So I told him about the parts and he said. “Good.” “Yang out” Good? What in the frell is good about it. I turned on the Wookiee. “Are just going to watch me work?” “You could give me a hand.”
The Wookiee start picking up the dirtiest parts. The one I was trying to build will to touch. After that the ship was empty in ten minutes flat.

Kael ran up to the cockpit hit a few switch and buttons then returned. “Ok my furry friend say some thing.” “Eeeaak muuree” and from the comm system came. “What good would do” “ah ha now we’re getting some ware.” “What is this life debt?” Kael asked “ and the Wookiee told him how the whole thing worked.” “OK then can I have you protect, let say my family” “Yes but it would not pay the debt I owe you.” Kael gunts.

“KAEL” This time from out side the ship. The sound of Yangs voice echoing in the cavern did not sit well with Kalarka. He even put his hands over his ears. Kael headed down the ramp whipping his hands on a rag. “Hay, Yang she’s ready to go.” “What did you do with Kalarka?” “He’s inside dealing with a headache some one yelled in his ear.” Yang looks at the ship. “It’s red, very red.” “A big red ship for a big red Barabel, it just made sense to me.” “I colored it my self. Do you like it?” “I do, It stands out.” “Customers will remember it.”
Kael gets to the bottom of the ramp and stops in front of yang. “So how much do I owe you?”
You don’t.” “No this is business.” “How much” “Yang put one foot on the bottom of the ramp and starts. “You owed 50K.” “I traded the 50K for use of the ship as storage.” “Then there was the prep, tax and registration.” “They decided to pay that for you.” “After all you are a friend of the prince.” “That and the fact you are a well know Shi`leck slayer and over all bad ass.” ” Who is pissed about his new ship getting filled with junk.” “May have helped a little.” Kael just stood there staring at Yang. Then managed to spit out. “You sat it so?” “I do.”

“Now lets see if you can fly this thing.” He hands Kael the data card for the ship and walks a way.
Kael has been waiting for this for 2 years. At last he has his own ship. He runs up the ramp, through the common room, then dinning room and in to the cockpit. Some ware along the way he had whacked his nee and elbow. “Frack it, lets fly.” I am not going to tell you that Kael is an awesome pilot. He not. To make the money to buy his first ship he ferried ship around Barab. And even made a few runs to Barab II to pick up and drop off scientists. So yes he can fly,but…

He jumps in the pilots set which has been replaced with one better suited for Barabel use.
And fires up the engines. Then pulls the ship up to the roof of the cavern stopping his assent only centimeters the hitting. “Alright Red get it together” and he lowers the ship and heads for the exit.
He slips his ship over the top of Yang’s “lady” then the vertical assent to the surface. And up to 10k to wait for Yang. Yang pulls his ship up and out, loops up and over and comes to hover right next to THE EXCALIBUR. To Kael it looked like a dance. “Give me time one eye” “oh did he her… at that point Kael remembered to activate the comms, the life support, pull up the landing gear, turn on the exterior lights and power up the rest of the ship. Kalarka was happy to have the light and dampers come on. He could finally let go of the ramp support he had been holding on to.
Kalarka on comms. “Kael can I close the loading ramp now?” Oh freel. “Yes, that would be fine go a head.” Yang on comms. “Kael are you ready to go home and show you dad how much of a badass you are.” “Yes I am” “But,,,what is badass?” Twenty minutes later we landed in front of the house. One ship 90 deg to the front door the other,,,not so much.


As Kael stepped off the end of the ramp he saw his friend waiting at the end of his own ramp. Or should I say sitting on the end of his ramp and looking bored. Kael thinks. “How fast can he shut down a ship.

Kael starts walking over and finds him self looking up in to the Barab ski. The red glow, swirling clouds and steaks of plasma always takes me away. “Are you all right?” Kael had stopped walking about 3 meters from yang. “What are you looking at?” “Is something coming?” “uh”…”Ahh, no I was just looking. “Then are you all right?” “Yah, I’m good, real good.” At that moment I realized the time had come. It was time for me to move on. “Let’s get this over with.”
Side by side they walk to the house. Out of respect Kael stepped a side to let Yang enter first. “oh no you don’t”. Then Yang took a step to the other side and bowed waving me in first. “I can’t believe you just bowed at me.” And he stepped inside.

“Farther I wish to have my freedom. For I am Barabel and this Barabel must be free to make to own way.” Kaels farther said nothing, He just got up from his stool and retired to his room.
At that point Kael quietly went to his rooms.

Yang looked a round the room. Kaels mother sat on the other side of the room with “all down” as the Barabel say. This means tail on the floor, head on chest, arms down at her side and eyes closed. The he turned to see Kaels bother Tomar walk in. He took one look at his mother and went “all down”. Yang has forgotten to ask Kael what to expect. Yang thinks “Well this must be part of it” and he to put his head down.

In His room Kael stared stretching his mussels and joints. He knew this time way for mediation. That wouldn’t help him in the fight, stretching would.
As he finished by pulling his tail up over his head and bending over. He took a look as the sand funnel. Time was almost up,
He just had time to think as he walked to the door. How funny it was. A Barabel live with the latest technology from day to day. But when it comes to the ceremonies. We use a million-year-old timekeeper and weapons. So we can perform ceremonies that we’ve been doing for over a hundred thousand years. Maybe the rest of the galaxy wouldn’t like at us as if we were beasts if we would stop acting like beast.
And time was up. Kael pulled the last of his robes off and pushes the door open.

Yang looked up as both doors opened as one. With that all heads were up. Kael and Kallamar stepped in the main room. The fact that they had nothing on did surprise Yang at all. He knew Barabel preferred to fight nude. No place to hide a weapon. The two Barabel headed for the door with out saying a word. When they got to the flat airier between the house and the ships they just sat. At this point Yang noticed Kaels mother and brother had no come out. He started to wonder if he should have stayed inside. But then Tomar came up beside him. “Well this should be fun.” “We can speak?” “Why not we’re not fighting” What are they waiting for?” “They can’t start until the rain starts.” “Why” No one can remember why, but still we wait”

About twenty minutes later 3 more Barabel came walking out of the dark. This reminded Yang about the incredible night vision of the Barabel. I bet that will come in handy. Kael looked over to see a few old friends. Ta`o, Far`la and Ko`mar. Three of the Barabel that became Barabel at the same time he did.
I just hope I can talk to them after this with out Kallamar permission. Man would he love that. Pop-a may I speak to them? “Ahh this is not going to happen.” All head turn to look at Kael. Kael tried looking as if he didn’t know you had said that. Then the first rain drop fell. One drop and they were both on their feet.

Kael moves in and his farther just stud there. So Kael just stood there. He’s waiting for me to start this. Kael took a swing with his fist. And his farther block it and gave Kael the old “what are you a hu-man” look. So he got a tail sweep for the dirty look. His farther just stepped over it. Kael attacked over and over and nothing but blocks. Why isn’t he fighting me.

Oh, he doesn’t have to. He won before we even started. All he has to do is not lose. That is when Kael realized he has never been the attacker. He has always been the defender. Remember, remember, remember, remember. Come on you learned how to attack when you were trained for the test. Kael tried to get in back of his farther. But good old dad was have none of that.
Kael came at him with a head and gut attack. He hit him in the gut but ended up tail over tits in on the stony ground. He got all 20 claws up for the pounce that never came. It seemed there would be no way for Kael to win. Size, I have size. Kael charges at farther but then stops with out hitting him. This confused Kallamar. Kael grabs his farther under the arms and picks him off the ground. He falls and pushes himself back at the same time sending his farther flying through the air. Kael turns to see his farther getting his claws up.
Kallamar thinks to himself. What in the name of the first Jedi was that. As kael’s farther stars to get up. Kael rolls over slamming his tail in the back of Kallamar’s head. He falls back on to his chest. Then rolls to his feet so fast that Kael is only half way up himself.
Kallamar thinks, “So my boy has a few new tricks.” I wish I could ask him…maybe after this is over. Kael knows none of this has done any good. It’ll take a lot more than that to keep him down.
But the unexpected seem to be the only thing working. OK, OK, So Kael dropped on to his hands and feet. Barks twice and charges like a Shi`leck. His farther didn’t like this at all. Wow what a look he’s giving me. Right as I get to him he steps aside. YES He’s watching me. So as I go by I swing my tail at his legs. A hit, I got him. As I feel my tail take his legs out from under him. I stand and turn on him. Come on faster big red. I’m here, One hand to the throat. Ok, now the to the under arm. Got it, shiz I have to turn him away. He’s kicking the life out of me. Frack he stong. Why won’t he turn. FINE as Kallamar leg come up again Kael bites on to his foot. If that’s not enough he starts shaking it back and forth. Kallamar thinks. My sun has gone insane. Kael slams his farther to the ground. Quickly he lets go of the neck, opens his mouth and grabs the foot with his free hand. Now with a arm in his left hand and a ankle. Now I have a chance. Pulling his farther off the ground and lifting over his head. Kael slams his father’s stiff body in to the ground. Nothing, So he dose it again. Nothing, So he dose it again. And still Nothing so one up over his head. Kael stars to walk, then he’s in to a run. And Slam, with a good head of speed and all of Kael’s strength and weight behind it he is pounded against ground for a fifth time. And still there is nothing. Kael sets him on his feet. In one motion he releases him and spins his own body around catching His farther in the throat with a forearm. Kael lifts both of his arms and slams them down on the neck of his opponent. But is blocked by to large black/green arms. “Mr. Ta`em hello” My farther was looking in my eyes for the first time ever. And I was free.

I spent about 10 minuets talking to my friends. Mostly they want to know where I learnt me to fight like that and where I was going. “Out there somewhere”

When we went back in the house. I went to my room to pack. Yang walks over to Kallamar “Mr. Ta`em about that,,,wow.” I don’t,,,well.” “yah I know, It’s silly.” “I’ve looked at Kael as a Full Barabel for a long time now.”
This is one custom that should be done away with.” Yang starts “But you” Kallamar jumps in. “I Know, I know. It wouldn’t make much sense for the two us to hurt each other.” So I let him off easy.” ”Besides I have to go to work later.”

With in a few hours my gear was stowed. I had pressed scales with my whole family. I even held each of my mothers’ three new eggs. And Yang and I stepped out of the front door and in to my new life.


So we were off and heading for orbit. Oh and the stars, by the Jedi, the stars. How did I live so long with out them? Never again, I swear. If anyone one tries to take the stars for me. I’ll take the life from them. “Kalarka, do you see this?”
“Look out your view port.”
“All I see is the humans old ship and stars.”
“YES, yes the stars.”
“You’ve been down there for too long, but thank you. It’s easy to forget them.”

5 minuet, That all yang gave us to look at the stars.

Now I have always loved the feeling of jump to hyper speed. And as Barabel the long trips are ok. After all we are reptiles. Eye and ears open, put the rest to sleep. Then two week with out food is no big deal. Or as Yang said. “ When the roast is in and the oven is on a timer. The chafe can take a nap.” I have no clue what that means, but I like how he says it.

But this trip was,,, unpleasant for the first few hours. You see I had to put up with Yang and Kalarka singing. Or should I say trying to sing. More like two mating Shi`lecks on the Comm system.

We were on our way to meet with some guy name Mr. Weed. He wants us to move some cargo. It seems like a standard transport job. So why is Yang acting nervous. He has asked that both Kalarka and I go to the meeting. Hummmm.

We set down on Abrion. And walk to Mr. Weed’s office. It was about a 20-minuet walk. Yang asked us if we were armed and then said no more. When we got to the front desk. (Who has a front desk now a days.) A droid asked Yank who we were and who we ‘d like to see. Yang answered nicely. And the droid told him he could go up. But he would have to leave his…meat here. “See Kael, that didn’t take long at all.” With that he turned and headed out the door. Before we got to the door the droid had a change of hart. (Do droids have harts?) Mr. Weed will see you here in the lobby. As it turned out Mr. Weed wanted Yang to buy the cargo from him, transport it and sell it back to him. The cargo was a Shuttle that he would load and unload himself. And we were not to open it. Did you know hu-muns could turn red? Yang can.
“Who said anything about slaves?” and would you pleas lower your voice?”
“I know a slave run when I hear one.”
“No, no, no, It’s just the Shuttle was used to fairy sick Gungans to and form the hospital in the capital city.”
“Mr. Weed I would suggest you clean the Shuttle and move it yourself.” He said as Yang got up to leave.
Jumping to his feet. “Mr. Yang this is unwise. You may…” It’s funny how bouncing of the belly of a Barabel can make someone forget what they were saying. So, there I stood while Yang and Kalarka made their way to the door. Not that I could see them. I was busy smiling at Mr. Weed.
About two minutes later I heard Yang come over my Comm. “That’ll do nicely red.” My turn, and walked out and once outside ran to catch them.

“Kalarka, aren’t you suppose to protect me?”
“arrrr,sharcch.” I looked at my wrist Comm. Yang had left the channel open. I looked over at him and taped my wrist. “oh, yah.” (tap)
“So what do you have to say? Aren’t you suppose to protect me?”
“I said, NO I’m not suppose to protect you. I suppose to save your life.”
I looked at Yang and he smiled and said. “One ship, mine, it’s faster. We can come back for your next week. 3 Days and I’m already leaving my new ship behind.

We left Abrion with no trouble what so ever. I looked at yang with my best “ What the heck” look.
“What? Not here.” “If he coming after us, he’s not going to do it here.” “Why make a mess at your own house. When you can make mess up someone else’s house.”

“Next stop, Center Point.”
Once we were in hyper we sat down to talk. “You know I don’t think Kalarka like me vary much.” “No kidding?” “Did you think he would?”
“Why not.”
“As a Barabel you fight. You fight for food. You fight in anger. You fight for fun. You fight for ceremony. Hell you even fight when you mate.”
“Kalarka is a Wookee. They fight to eat, for honor or in war.” When they fight it usually to the death.”
“By the time his master had gotten to his ship that slave collar would have killed Kalarka.” “So you saved his life, good.” “But you also beat him in a fight and left him alive, not so good.”
“He could just leave.”
“His honor won’t allow that.”
“So what am I to do?”
“Nothing for now it time to talk about our new company.”

First thing, the name. We came up with an awesome name. Sheng Yang Ta`em Transport LLC. Now to work out the plan. Yang will not walk across a room with out a plan. He says that where I come in. He calls it flying by the seat of your pants stuff. And it’s better left to me. “Have you not notice. I have no paints.”
“Better yet my friend.”

So Factions spend most of their time bumming heads in to each other’s. Let say your faction make a nice little freighter. You would like to sell as many as you can. But your faction is friendly with the rebels. So you can’t sell to the Galactic Empire or any of their friends. Even if you do they can’t come and pick it up and you sure can’t up there to drop it off. That’s one place a freelance company can make some money.

There are a lot of freelancer out there. But most are one or two man companies. They can only handle 2 or 3 jobs a moth. They have no one to watch their backs. And they sure can’t handle faction contracts. But we can hire them to do job for us. Let’s not forget the faction don’t trust the freelancers. Ships don’t get there on time, gun’s and other things come up missing or they charge too much.
What we need is a set of rules.

1: SYT must provide the best service. Speed, dependability,

2: SYT must have low prices. To bring in new customers.

3: SYT must always have a business plan. So we don’t keep doing the things for the same custoners over and over. With out growth.

4: SYT must remain neutral. We will work hard for any and all customer. But we will not support any faction over an other.

5: SYT be easy to use.

6: SYT will not judge customer or cargo. If something seem a little off. We will inform the customer. We may even have to adjust pricing if a ship was filled with items or people. Other than that. We don’t look in boxes and we don’t ask why.

7: SYT pilots do not fight. To get in a fight means you have taken sides. We must runaway from a fight. If an attack is made on SYT than we will work it out with the government or with back door methods. If all that fails we’ll pull our fleet together and meet it head on.

8: SYT must be a fun place to work for all. Why bother doing this if we are not having fun.

We had to stop at this point. We were coming out of hyper speed. And it’s not smart to come out of hyper speed without a pilot at the helm.

“Hay Kael come up here and see this.”
“what ya ja got boss?” Stepping in to the cockpit I remembered to duck my head. But still manage to hit my need on some damn thing.
“By the first Jedi. What in the name is that thing?”
“That my friend is Centerpoint.”
“Would you look at the size of that thing.” “How do they keep that much are in?” I slipped to his other side to get a look at the scanner. It was at this point. I realized how small this cockpit really was.
“That thing is a war all by it’s self.”
“Yes it is. On top of that all the factions will protect her.”
“Are you staying for the docking?”
“No my tail is stuck in the hyper drive panel and there is no place for my tail in these seats.”
“Ahh, I’ll add some holes latter.” At that moment a tractor beam grabbed us. I have been in ships before that were handled by tractors. But not in the cockpit and not looking straight at it. So I may have been a little startled.
“Did you just “sweek”?
“Oh, it must have been the control panel. But if you don’t let go of my shoulder you’re going to brake it.”
I left the cockpit with out saying a world. As soon as we had set down I put my ax and TY-225 blaster on. Then put down the ramp. Yang stepped in to the hold. “You two stay here until I’ve checked us in. Then we can move around freely.” He headed down the ramp. I turned to my friend Kalarka. well it just you and me. He just rolled his eyes.

(This section is written by Sheng-ji Yang)

As Yang headed down the loading ramp of their ship he quickly scanned the docking bay of CSS. Yang noticed an N-1 Starfighter parked in the bay but saw no other ships in this particular hold.

Stroking his bearded chin Yang thought, "This is strange, Centrepoint is usually bustling with ship activity."

Indeed Yang was right. As one of the biggest Trading Stations in the galaxy, CSS usually had every docking bay filled to the rim with freighters and their traders. Today was different. Today did not look like a good day....

Yang retrieved his comlink from his pocket and dialed the appropriate frequency.

"Kael, come in this is Yang," the Commodore called as he continued to cautiously enter the docking bay.

"Things seem a little too quiet here. I'm gonna take a casual stroll around. Keep your spikes on standby. Yang out..." as Yang put away his comlink he brushed his hand over his sheathed vibroblade, his weapon of choice.

"Ok let's see what we have here..." wispered Yang to himself as he continued.


Ok that's a far as got.

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I have a few storys to tell part 3.1 Empty Re: I have a few storys to tell part 3.1

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I seem to remember you had part of this in the meeting hall on SWC too...

You should fill up the new holocron with it Twisted Evil

I have a few storys to tell part 3.1 Darlen10

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I have a few storys to tell part 3.1 Empty Re: I have a few storys to tell part 3.1

Post by Kael Ta`em on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:34 pm

Yes, I got the other two from there. this one I still had.
If you think it worth going the new holocron. go for it.
Kael Ta`em
Kael Ta`em

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I have a few storys to tell part 3.1 Empty Re: I have a few storys to tell part 3.1

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