I have a few storys to tell part 2

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I have a few storys to tell part 2 Empty I have a few storys to tell part 2

Post by Kael Ta`em on Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:30 pm

The second story comes from the first pilot to have joined SYT. But, it was written a short time after the first story. The pilot's name is Chiara Domina. And as some of you may have noticed her picture shows up every now and again around SYT. The Twi`lek

Chiara Domina

Chiara was born in to the Domina family of the Secura clan on Ryloth shortly after the conclusion of the Clone Wars. Pol Secura sold her entire family in to slavery to cover his gambling debts and Chiara was seperated from her parents early on and taken to Ord Mantell where she grew up serving the fighter pilots of the 498th Imperial Tactical Squadron. While the pilots genuinely liked her, Captain Fennic often used her to violently vent his frustrations with his assignment. The beatings continued until the 498th recieved a dark visitor.

During an offical inspection of the squadron, Darth Vader encountered the young slave girl while he met with Capt. Fennic. Her appearence, along with Fennic's distaste and anger towards the young Twi'lek kindled a faint memory of his own upbringing and mother. When Fennic hit Chiara for accidently spilling a drink on Vader's armor, the Dark Lord of the Sith defended Chiara and killed Fennic. Chiara was certain that she'd met her own fate, but to her surprise, Vader instead granted her freedom, but under the condition she told no one. Chiara agreed, but had nowhere to go, so she stayed with the 498th with Vader's blessing.

She was allowed to train as a transport pilot and a reserve fighter pilot. She also learned some maintenance skills and displayed an uncanny ability to manually calculate hyperspace solutions.

Shortly after the Battle of Endor, Rouge Squadron engaged the 498th at Ord Mantell. Chiara was on a supply run at the far side of the Bright Jewel system during the battle and survived the fall of the 498th because of this. Instead of returning to her base, and out of fear that the Rebels might shoot her down, Chiara took her light frieghter to Ryloth and sold it and it's contents.

With only the clothes on her back and what few credits she had left, Chiara began to look for work as a pilot. She encountered Sheng-ji Yang while he was on a buisness trip to Ryloth. After an interview with Yang, he decided to try her out as a pilot for SYT Transportation LLC, and she mangaged to quickly impress both Yang and other members of the company.

She had become very much loyal to Sheng-ji Yang because of the compassion he has shown to her, and she likes to think that they've developed a good friendship. Likewise, she enjoys the friendship of others at SYT and won't hesitate to help any friend in need.

Chiara enjoys the fact that she can now make money for herself, and someday hopes to be able to buy her own frieghter, a vintage Eta-2 Actis starfighter, and eventually some property to call home.

Chiara Domina


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