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Post by Algol on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:17 pm

This mission should prove "interesting" as it involves piloting the client's C-3 Passenger Liner, a Capital Ship that can carry other Ships and has a Hyperspeed of 6 but has one idiosyncrasy - it cannot land on planets! :O

C-3 Passenger Liner: Weight Cap: 2,000 T, Volume Cap: 5,000 m³

2 X ETA-2: Weight: 12 T, Volume: 300 m³ (24T, 600 m³)
YT-510: Weight: 300 T, Volume: 3,159 m³
HWK-290: Weight: 530 T, Volume: 1,200 m³
Wind Rider: Weight: 35 T, Volume: 65.0 m³
Gaddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft: Weight: 12 T, Volume: 45 m³

Clearly, they won't all fit at the same time Mad ...

A suggested flight-path follows:

C-3 Passenger Liner
Koro-Teta/Vulpter (5,57)

Wind Rider & Gaddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft
Azure/Axum (-6,97)/Grastes (15,12)

--/(50, 66)

Nouane/Asrat (110,153)

Gordian Reach/Yavin (205,280)

Chommel/Naboo (140, -268)

Savareen/Tyrius (276,-245)/Rodia (4,6)

Sector: Chommel
System: Naboo (140, -268)
System Position: (5,16)

Vehicles are to be transferred to a T2 Station at the co-ordinates, but if this is not possible, they can be dropped on the planet Moth (4, 17).

Once that is all done (and if no-one else has "stepped in"), there is this ship:
Gozanti Cruiser
Sector: Sevetta
System: Woldona (370,-230)
Planet Orbit: (Woldona I (11,10)
(Weight: 300 T, Volume: 26,000 m³)

We have several ships already in the Naboo system that can be used for "escape" as necessary...

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