I have a few storys to tell part 3.0

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I have a few storys to tell part 3.0 Empty I have a few storys to tell part 3.0

Post by Kael Ta`em on Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:34 pm

The third and final story comes from one of the founders of SYT. It's a long and boring story. But it is the first time I ever wrote anything for people to read. The story is part of the history of Kael Ta`em. The story starts off from the single point of view of a young Barable (me) and starts to include the viewpoints of others later in the story. You know, as the character matures so did the viewpoint of the story.

Becoming Barabel
Kael Ta`em

A Barabel is a reptile that comes from the planet Barab now called Barab I. It is a hot planet with nothing living on the surface full time. Due to the red dwarf star the planet sits way to close to. For 8 to 10 hours each day the heat and radiation would kill any one out side with out protection. When at its worse ribbons of plasma will forum burning the atmosphere it self. The plasma ribbons seldom touch the ground.
It is referred to as desert planet. But this is not entirely accurate.
The planet is parched when the sun is up. After the sun goes down much of the water fall back to the ground.

The Barabel who call this planet home stand 2 meters tall +/- 2 centimeters. There few Barabel outside of that range. They are equipped with thick hard scales. These protect them from much the heat, radiation and beasts of the planet. As many off worlders have found many blasters as well. As one human said “if you can hold it in one hand, don’t point it at a Barabel?” and that is said HU-MUN by the Barabel. With their 1 to 1 ½ inch teeth 1½ to 2 inch claws and +4 strength They are able to feed them self even if in the wild. Most activities are done at night so the Barabel eyes have adapted in two ways. The first is a hard semi clear lens. Witch acts as a pair of sun glasses and dust cover for their eyes. The secant is a thicker hard eyelid. It is believed to give the Barabel the ability to see infer red.
For many years it was believed the Barabel were warm blooded.
We now know they are just vary well insulated.


Kael Ta`em was not hatched on Barab I. His egg was laid on Naboo and lived there until he was 13 years old. This may be the reason for his size This is where his parents were working as security at one of it gateways ( ie star ports). Only 2 eggs came from that mating, Keal (2.7 meters) hays a brother Tomar (2.5 meters). They moved to the home world Barab I and took the test of manhood.
I have been asked to tell of the “Barabel test of life.”
For males this is done at 13 years and females 16. It is a simple thing, you are sent out in the desert to live for three months.

First I you need to know a little about Barab. It is a dark, damp world that orbits very close to its red dwarf sun. Clouds engulf the planet, blocking most of the light from the surface. The atmosphere is thin and foggy and full of radiation.
Nights are for life. At night the rain falls hard by hu-mon standards.
But Just right for us. It is cool and dark with just a hint of red in the ski. And the hunting is so good. You hunt as you are hunted. As the hu-mons say it is a dog eat dog world. As we say on Barab "eat or get"
That means kill it and eat it, or get killed and eaten by it.

So this is my story.
My family and I returned to Barab just before I turned 13yo (that would be like 17 or 18 for a hu-mon)
I did not see much on the trip. My farther kept me an my brother in the cargo bay moving boxes, engine parts and junk metal from one end of the bay to the other and then back. He would hide any place he could fit and some he couldn't. When we would happen to close to him he would jump out and grab one of us. If we could not get a way he would beat us. After a few beating my brother and I would stay away from each other so he could only get one of us.
Kael is no dummy.
"I now know why we had to take a ship that only had a hyperspeed of 1". This is so he could have fun killing us. "Well this going to be harder that you think pop`a". The fact is I was bigger, faster and stronger that my farther. He was smarter and new how to ues "what the first Jetdi gave us" that is to he could smell us, hear us, he also knew how to use his teeth, Claws, tail and scales in a fight.
But as I said I am no dummy. When my brother was getting it I would move in so I could see all that my farther did.
Only 3 days from Barab, it's and it is him or me. So I did my work as quietly as I could. All the time using my eyes, ears and nose to find my pop`a
By the first Jedi Tomar is going to get us both killed. He is making so much noise, and he stinks.

"Wait. what. Yes that smell the powder mother puts on her vent."
Some most have gotten on pop`a. So I set down the shunt I was carrying and move 4 steps to the left. Weaker now back to the right, no ah no.
OK, I need to see red. My mother started teaching us how to use the red eyelid about two weeks ago. And I did get it to move once. So now it life or death. I started to concentrate, it is moving.yes I can see it. it is about ½ way up.
I was concentrating so hard I started to twitch my tail. When I stopped twitching the red lids slid back down. One more time up, up, up, yes there he is.
So I grab him and pulled him out of the Box he was sitting in.
I Hit him as hard as I could and kept hitting. When his tail came up I bit it. When he tried to bite my left arm rammed the claw on my right thumb in to his neck. So much blood.
Tomar came to see why my beating was taking so long. When he saw I was giving the beating he pissed on the floor, right there on there on the floor. What a sith.
Then pop`a started making a strange sound. oh no I've killed him, what have I done,,,,oh yah I'm tiring to kill him. By the jedi he thinks this is funny. "OK, ok, ok Kael you win, you win. Go tell your mother you have won the raw meat she has been hiding.
So I left and my eyes were open for the first time. As for Tomar well what do you think?

At last we were home. It looked even better than I dreamed. And when I pushed up my red lids wow I could see life every where.
We went right in to training pop`a said we had 6 weeks to be come Barabel. This I do not understand this we are Barabel. Heck I'm the biggest Barabel around. Pop`a says yes and if you were not someone would have killed you by now.
We trained all night long and in to the day for the next six weeks, with no time off. They even made us train out side in the day. "If it don't kill you will be come your pop`a."
A lot had to be learnt like how to move in the mud and sand. How to find a safe place for "firehours" (Barab midday) and yes find food. I love that part. THE HUNT

I did not see Tomar again until after the training. I was sent to live with a very old Barabel. We live on top of a mountain far away from, well every thing.


After putting up with the old guy for 6 weeks he took me home.
Tomar got home a few hours before I did. That was no surprise.
After all, my trainer was much older then his. His wasn't "older enough to fart dust" yet.
Pop`a told us we should eat as much as we can for the next week.
After that we would become Barabel. Ok, I still don't get it. But eat I can do.
Over the next 6 days Tomar and I ate and slept when ever we wanted.
Mother had a cool bath ready for all hours of the day should one a want it. First day of the new week and first hour of the new evening our farther call to us. As we walk in to the room we knew so well and had Spent so much time after all it is our family room. Isn't it?

Now lit in red, with no floor coverings and none of the things we knew even the hollo photos were gone. Instead, blades of all types swards, knifes, sprees, axes and some I have never seen before.
Tomar go eat said pop`a. My mother, farther, the two trainers and 6 or 7 Barabel that I have never seen before just stud there looking at me. Just don't pee on the floor Kael.

"Kael are you ready to become a Barabel?" asked the trainer. I remember this. "Yes I am" I can do this "Kael what are you"
Here we go. "I am Barabel" "I am strong." "I am fast" "I am even handed" "I am friend to the friendly" "I am death to the d,deadly"
"I am Barabel" oh man I messed up. "Kael I think you may be Barabel indeed." "Do whish to find out?" what do say now they never asked this before. "Y,y,yes" "Good, come said pop`a you may pick 2 blades from the wall." "Pick well Kael" and they all stood watching me.
But I have been thinking about my first blade since I was 6.
Cool, this is going to be good, for me a one handed lance and a good knife. They all started talking but not to me. So I went back to stand before the trainer. "You have done well Kael now stand out side."
When Tomar and the rest came out we started to walk, no one said a word when we got to the edge of town we stopped and just stud there.

Soon more Barabel joined us. Some one pulled out a map of the planet. The whole planet. The map had a grid on it each block had a name in it. And there was mine block 9 and Tomar block 10.
Me, Tomar and 4 other young Barabel were made to stand on in a line facing away from town.
That's when my old trainer started to tell us what the hell was going on. Our wits, our new blades, the wild and all the food we can catch. "eat or get" as the old one told us how we were to live by tooth and claw for the next 3 months. I looked down the line of young Barabel I saw one brown female, one red & black male, one Green mail and brown male. Tomar and I are all red.

Out of all the dumb times to think of something like this, but there it is.
When you are told Barabel grow to 2 meters tall. That is all Barabel grow to 2-meter +/- 2 cm. and I'm 2.7meters. So I'm a freak. 13 years and no one told me. Why can I be a brown I would be harder to see. but no just call me big red. So glad I notice that now. If any one shoots at us I'm the one who gets it. The ship is to hevey kael Jump. Some one give me a hole to stick me head in.

Then one last speech about the food that can make food of us. And then we are sent off on foot.

Getting there is not half the battle
The 6 not yet Barabel started walking. We have 17 hours to get as far as we can before firehours.
By then we have to be under ground. None of us spoke until we were well away. It just seemed like that was the right thing.
After about an hour I said. “WELL my name is Keal do any of you have names?”
The brown female said “hello Kael I’m Ko`mar.”
“I’m Tomar”
“Hay I’m Ta`o” The Black and red said
“Far`la” from the green.
“Don’t forget me, I’m Fray” The Brown so that was all of us.
Ko`mar says “I don’t think I have ever seen the two of you before.” “:Are you from another city, or planet?” “Should be doing this.” “Did you pop`a send you.” “Why are you guys so tall? Is your hole family tall?”
“Wow, what question do we answer first?” “oh sorry, I think to fast.” “Yah Well you talk pretty fast too”
“well, lets see, no, yes, Nabo, yes, yes, we just are and no.” “how’s that?”
“what, oh, a, a, Ok,” “I don’t remember what I asked.” I like hearing her talk. I don’t know why. It must be her voice. It seemed funny talking about Nabo with it’s blue ski green grass and tall trees. When all we have to look at is a gray, gray ski and gray flat rocky ground. Even the air is gray at this time of day. But that’s what we talked about for the next 16 hours.

Then we started to get worried the ski was starting to get red and we had no place to hide. If we did not find cover soon we could get fried. “My mother told me there is a shop and place to rest on this road.” To`a said “but we better hurry” Tomar asked, “should we run?” “NO” Yelled the rest of us. Ko`mar told him in a soft voice. “You should never run out here unless it for your life.” “It could kill you.”

15 minuet later we had the place in site.
We walked up to the door. The place looked much like all the other above ground building here. The walls, roof even the door were made of stone. The roof was a good 2 or 2 ½ meters thick with 3-meter overhangs and no windows. I don’t think I have seen a window sense we got here.
Ko`mar went in first with me hot on her tail. We figured she could charm any one in there. If not, I was to scare them. We had spent 10 minuets making a plan to get us in. So she and I walked in and right up to the only one in the room. The others were hiding behind Tomar who was standing just in side the door. Before she got one word out the man said. “ Oh, are we becoming Barabel?” so Ko`mar said, “why, yes we are” CHEZz, I wanted to hit him so bad, but why? Then he just pointed at the stairs in the corner and said. “you'll find a place to sleep at the end of the hall and we will have food ready when you get up.”
At the end of the hall we found a large room with 8 sleeping stumps. Most sleepstump are made with a long round rock about 2/3 of a meter thick. This is set at 45deg to 55deg for your chest to rest on. It also has a flat stone at the bottom for you to sit on. Then the whole thing is padded. These are made out of wood. I noticed the others were touching and poking them, I don’t think they have ever seen wood before. So I would show them. I walk over and sat down and closed my eyes. 3 minutes later our day was over.

The next day as we walked. We talked about how all the Barabel were so helpful. It how it seemed funny. Far`la thinks it is because they have all had to do this. So they feel bad for us. I think he is right.

We walked till one hour before firehours when we found a cave. Would you believe it had a singe so we would not miss it. And that was the end of any help we would get. That was also to be the end of our party.

Still not half the battle
We did not sleep well. The cave was not deep enough to keep all the heat out. But at least we were not outside.

The Firehours were over and it was time to go, but not together, Fray and To`a will go east from here and Far`la will go west. Ko`mar, Tomar and I must keep going south. Well at least we can’t get lost. The road is well marked.
We walked and talked. This time about the 3 that have left us. It was like we had known them for years. Silly, yes.
And Tomar just walk behind us with out saying a word. I let him be. He is afraid and if make him talk Ko`mar will know and that would be unkind.

Well one more roadside shelter and we spit off again. This time Ko`mar heads west and me and Tomar east.

I spent the day trying to talk to him with almost no luck. When we got to what was to be my last roadside shelter we found the water catch was busted. When Tomar saw that he started crying. I could get him to stop. So I hit him. Still he cried so I punch him in the head. Now that did the trick and we slept. When I got up he was gone. I when out side and I could see him walking up the road. “Uhn No good by.” Then I tuned and headed south.

Just a good ½ day walk over the rocks and my scanner said I was home. Home, home who programmed this thing.


Well I’m here, what first? Well that would be shelter. I have 6 hours to get all parts of my body at least 1.5 meters under ground. How in the Sithhole am I going to pull this off. Think, Think, Think, Think, Think, Ok, I can’t make a mond with a lance or a knife. So I need to find a big, big rock, to dig myself under and fast.
So first I need to see red. Ok I have gotten good at that. Oh my I think that is a cave. I hope it’s one left from someone and not something.

It didn’t look like a 40min walk but it was. 5 hours left. So it’s not a cave but a dugout something a lot thinner than me made this. Sorry buddy it’s mine now and if your still in there your lunch. So I drop to my knees and start digging. Using my claws to dig and my knife to loosen the stones.
With 4 hours left my tail, vent and legs are still outside the hole. If, I could only get a drink. Stop it, just dig. So I did.

3 hours I look back to see just my feet outside. Better. I turn back to my digging, CRAP Teeth coming right at my face and I’m stuck in a hole. I stick my arm out between my face and those teeth. CRUNCH the Teeth close on my arm and start trying to pull me in to the cave. It could have waited I would have got there. Well the teeth don’t seem to be able to hurt my scales. But the little Sith is trying to pull my arm off. If I can just get my weight off my lance. So I yelled “Hay could you pull to the left” By the jedi it did just a little but it helped. So I put the point of the lance under it jaw and gave it a good shove. Ok, it was a piss poor shove. But I was stuck in s hole and it worked. the teeth ran back down the hole.

2 hours left could see the hole would get a lot bigger with about 10min more digging. i would be in the den. Where is that little monster?
Now I can reach out to the opening. I’m not going to but I can. I like having fingers,,yes.
So I dig the rest with the lance out in front of me in my left hand and digging with the right.
Sudenly with the grace, stile, and strength of a Barabel I fall in to the den.

Oh the monster was a larsett. Yah that’s right about a foot and a half tall hard shell little short legs and 50 of the cuitest little teeth.
But I did kill it…….. By falling on it.

Well food is food no matter how you kill it. So I ate my fist kill and it was good.
Trying to sleep in that small of a space was the hard part.
When evening came I started the thankless task of making this hole a home.
I started by making the entrance larger. Just big enough for me to walk in bent over any bigger and too much of the day’s heat would get in. The Larsett had put enough turns in the tunnel so that would be ok. But the den was going to be a problem. I couldn’t spend the next 3 months rolled up in a ball. I spent the next 3 days making the den a suitable size. While I dug I left the shell form the Larsett out in the sun. After three day out there it had become solid so now I had a wash bowl which I set on top of a piece of sandstone. I thank the first Jedi the ground here is mostly sandstone. Then I needed to hunt.
I was not ready to go to far from my new home. I had no way to carry water. Three days of digging with only a 50kelo larsett in my gut I wouldn't get far. So I stood on top of a rock and waited 3 hours latter I had 2 larsetts on the end of my lance. As I was trained to do I left the bones just out side. I have to get some bigger bones if it’s going to keep other predators away. On this planet if it can move it’s a predator, even the plants.

Week 3, I found some clamay plants. I have been cooking them and larsett meat in a larsett shell. It’s not bad but it could use some spices.
Well I have had more than enough to eat and I can carry water now. I made a water skin by taken the stomach from a larsett. Witch I had dried, starched, cleaned and left out in the sun for 6 days. It is important to remember the skin can only be out during the firehours or it will rot and stink. So you must not over sleep. Like I did.
So it’s time to look around. Besides I’m having trouble finding more lasetts.

I decided to head east. After a bout 3 hours I started to think I should have gone west.


This place looks hunted out. Maybe I’m not seeing all there is to be seen. So I pull up my red lenses and see nothing.
Oh, no, there is some thing south east of me, but still 20min away. Ah what the Sith it will drive me crazy if I don’t check it out. Besides it could be food. So I walked.
Now I can see the lump. It’s defiantly a body and a big one at that. I hope I can carry it all the way back.

Oh Shiz, it a Barabel, a big one too. A,,,,big,,,,red,,,,one NO, and I’m running “Tomar, no Tomar”. First jedi he not moving is he dead.20 meters, 10 meters, 5 and I’m there on my knees. He is not gone yet. He’s covered with blood. Is it his, yes, half his tail is gone. All the scales from his elbows to his wrists are gone and the skin is a bloody mess. I have to get him out of here. So I slid my arm under his neck and back and start to lift. The sound that came out of him I can not describe. Cry, scream, gurgle, huruff. Who cares he dyeing we have to go. And go we did.
Just as fast as I could, and more. I got him back to my den an hour latter. And stared checking him over. His tail has stooped bleeding and so has his arms. So I clean him up and found holes the size of my claws in his chest and stomach.
Only Shi`leck could have done this. If it was a Shi`leck he will die If I don’t get him back to the city. So that’s what I did. I put my only brother across my shoulders and jogged back to the place we started. I did not stop the first shelter. I went onto the next one. We got as far as the little shop with the sleepstumps made out of wood. Out side the shop a hu-mun was loading a speeder. He took one look at us and started taking his supplies back out of the speeder. He was saying some thing about killing of a whole race one child at a time. So when he told me to put Tomar in I didn’t know what to do. Was he going to kill him. “Come on he’s going to be dead if you don’t get a move on.” Now that made sense. “You’ll have to wait here the two of you would just be to heavy.
Shiz, I have to get back out there. So I turned and left. Besides I had a Shi`leck to get killed by.

Run From Death Run To Death

Tomar was rushed to the underground city hospital. With in 15 minutes of arriving he was in the operating room. His longs, stomach, liver and intentions were all punctured. Plus treatment was started to combat the shi`lecks venom. His mother and farther arrived about an hour after Tomar. The doctors had to tell them that it was not good. “your son was attracted by a shi`leck and he as internal damage.” “But he is young and our team is doing all that can be done” “Also his large size will help control the shi`leck’s venom. “Doctor how many times was he bitten?” “Well sir it’s hard to tell at least 12 times, your sun put up a good fight. Pop`a dropped in to a seat and started to weep. When his mate saw this she fell into his arms and started to wale.
After 23 hours Tomar was rolled out of the O.R... His mother walked in to the room and took one look at him and said. “He’s dead” “NO, no, no he is just in a deep comma so now we just have to wait.” “How long?” “Well sir, there is no way of telling how much venom is in him.” “he could be awake tomorrow or dead in an hour, but the fact that he has lived thru the operation tell me he is going to be fine in time.” It may take a few weeks, but we will wait and see.

How Did This Happen

As I walk along I try to think every thing I have been told about the shi`leck. It is not mush, my trainer just told me to stay away from them. Stupid, do you think he told to shi`leck to say away from me.
Ok let’s see, it the only animal on the planet that will hunt a full grown Barabel or an over grown one for that matter.
It’s a little over a meter tall on all 4 legs and it’s about the same weight as Barabel. It has long sharp teeth and claws and no tail. For armor it has thick skin with sharp little bones sticking out of it on his back, head and neck.
His belly is soft but only about 8cm off the ground when fighting.
Some how I will have to get it to show me his belly. After I find him and convince him not to eat me.

Well it is good to be home. ahh what in the sith am I thinking, home my vent. It is just a hole in the ground.
For the next six weeks life went like this. I would hunt and eat on one day the next I would make leather or carve stone. Or what ever I needed. Then spend the next 3 day hunting for my brother’s killer.
I spent a lot of time telling myself that Tomar was OK. But that was just being stupid. No one lives thru something like that 3 days from help, and lives.
I dug a mond about an hour in to the shi`leck’s territory so I would not have to return to my den each day.
The 2nd week out I found its den. That was hard for me. I now know what had happen. My brother had walked in to the den more than likely thinking it was empty. I don’t think he knew it was the den of shi`leck. But he should have. A shi`leck’s den is different than most. They find a large flat rock and dig a tunnel at about a 45deg angel until deep enough to be safe. They do it like this so they stick of their head out and see all around the entrance with out stepping outside.

Tomar walk in and the shi`leck must have be in the den. Even that beast had to hide from firehours. There were marks from the fight at the entrance to the den from the tunnel. But only blood spatters in the den itself. The metal point from the handel Tomar’s axe was on the floor of the tunnel. I also found a piece of the wood from the handle in the den but that one had been chewed on a lot. So the shi`leck was using that piece to clean its teeth. About ½ ways up the tunnel I step on tomar’s stone chisel. Why did you pick a chisel? So Tomar walked in the shi`leck jumped on him as soon as he entered the den. Tomar gave ground going up the tunnel backwards. A pile of Barabel scales from tomars arms tells me Tomar fell at the outer entrance. Then what? One of them should have eaten the other.
So I walked in circles. Ah so that’s it. The shi`leck went back in to its den to get out of the sun. Tomar must have got out of its jaws so it left him to die in the sun. But Tomar didn’t die he dragged himself over to this long empty larsett hole and somehow pulled himself in. Then he must have started walking as soon as it was cool enough. But why didn’t it hunt you down and eat you? Your axe head, I didn’t see your axe head, you must have got the fracker. But it not dead, dead shi`lecks don’t have to clean there teeth. He’s mine

So here I am still walking looking for a shi`leck.

Ever Get that Sinking Feeling

Been hunting my brother’s killer but not to day. I have been using the chisel Tomar left behind to make my self a bed. It looking good but I need one more piece of sandstone for the bottom to hold my bottom.

Luckily I can find all the sandstone I’ll ever need a short walk away.
That one there is a little big but it will only take a few hits to fix that.
I lift my hammer (rock) then my chisel. And poof the rock disrepairs. And so dose the ski.
Shiz I fell in a hole. No I’m buried in a hole. I can see, can’t move. Well at least nothing can eat me. I’m trying to wiggle my self lose.
Shiz I’m sinking. So I’ll hold still. But If I just sit here I’ll die.
So I live on a planet that has 4cm bugs that will chew their way under your skin. Leaving just their vent sticking out so they can breathe and crap. The sun will fry your to a crisp. Most of the animal would love to eat you and one will even hunt you down so it can. It rains every night. And most of the plants are poison. But me, I fall in the only hole in the place.

Oh shiz, The rain is going to start soon I may drown in here.
Thin, think, think, well if I sink every time I move there must be something to sink to. I hope. Come on wiggle big red wiggle. After 15 minutes of this I’m ready for a nap but my feet feel cool air, I think.
Oh yah my feet a swinging free. Just a little more. And I fall to a floor.
Floor? Yah a floor, well I’ll be. I’m sitting with my tail and legs on a pile of dirt and my head on a floor. As I look around (to dark with out seeing red) I can tell this is or was a Barabel house. I wish I knew this was here be for I did all that work on my den. So how do I get out?
After a few minutes of looking around I realized I had landed in a bed room. I found a pot and a bucket I could use. But not a way out. The original entrance had been filled in with stone and dirt. Rain was dripping where I had come in. so I sleep now and figure this out latter.
When I woke I had lost track of time. But that wont matter unless I get out. I going get out the same way I got in. I wish my lance was not sitting on the ground up there.
First I made the pile of dirt on the floor as tall as I could then put the bucket on top. Now standing on bucket pulling dirt and rocks in to your face is a stupid thing to do. I would suggest you not try this. After a few hours I didn’t need to stand on the bucket any longer. A few hours after that the dirt was almost to the ceiling. So I had to stop digging and use the bucket to move some of the dirt to other rooms. I’m starting think I’m pulling the entire desert thought that little hole.
When I sat down to rest for a few minutes a big rush of dirt came flooding to the room. And I could see the sun. So I ran and hid till the fog came back again.

Now for the long skinny rocks I had set aside while I was digging.
I would pond them in to the wall of the hole, for foot hold, if I just tried digging in with my hands and feed it would cave in and I would end back in the bed room.

Time is relative
So I took my new bucket and pot back to my den and I found new piece of sandstone for my bed. The other one would be just fine right where it is, thank you very much.
When I was in the den I herd a beep. It was my scanner. Wow time was almost up. only one week left
But I know my time should have started over when I took Tomar back but my scanner could know that. So I reprogrammed for one more month.

Time to eat k`tars. A K`tar is a small under ground animal. It eats mostly bug and the under ground plans we have here. Sometimes is will also dig its way up in to a dead animal for a free dinner. Balabel tell their young ones that’s what’s going to happen to them if you spend too much time in bed. Nice hu

To catch a K’tar first you have to find one of there tunnels. They are always 1.1 meters under ground. They may a lot of shafts going up or down but the tunnels are always at 1.1 meters. Then you dig a hole in the tunnel about 1 meter deep so they can’t reach the top and line it with smooth stone so they can dig or climb out. That’s it, come back a little later, grab one and twist its head off. They test so good.

the last part
Isn’t That Pretty

It time for the hunt. Again I get up early and get my self ready and move to the end of my tunnel. It still too early but I can’t wait. So I head out. The sky is still red and the violet ribbons of plasma are still present in the air. As I walk I hear the ground crunch under my feet and off in the distends a loud snap. Some rock out there had to mush moisture in it so, snap 2 rocks instead of one.

I head for the pass as fast as I can. I think it’s a pass. It a line of sharp rocks sticking up from the ground. It’s about 15 kilometers long but only about 17 meter tall with one hole in the middle. That looks a lot like a missing tooth.
As the pass comes in to site so does plasma ribbon. It’s sweeping across the ground heading for me. I dive on the ground thinking. That’s not right, it’s not hot enough and they can’t touch the ground.
Not only did it hit the ground but me as well. Ahh, shez, that is going to leave a mark. I will probably carry scars on my back the rest of my life. Just wish a red Barabel didn’t scar purple. I am a little stiff and it hurts like a Mootan but I’m no hatchling. So I continue.

He Has Seen The Light

Tomar’s parents have been taking turns sitting with his for the last 2 ½ months and have seen little change. Most of his injuries have healed even the stump of his tail has scarred over. It’s 4 centimeters’ shorter than when he came in. Due to an infection that had to be cut out.
But still he has not opened his eyes. Two of the new Barabel that started out with Tomar have stopped by to see him. And most of the family have stopped by to check on him.
The doctor comes in to the room. “Good day sir, can I talk to you for a moment?” “Yes, what is it?” “It is time we decide what to do with Tomar.” “I don’t understand what you mean?” “Well he should have come out of it by now.” “You told us it may take months” “It has”
“Besides we not really doing any thing that can’t be done cheaper by others” “So you’re Tell me my sun can’t stay here.” “Sir if he could just respond in some way maybe we could do something.” To make his point the doctor lift Tomars eye lid and shined alight in. “See nothing” and here he pulled something out of his belt and ran it up the soul of Tomars foot. “See wha” He was cut short when Tomar kicked him in the neck. When the doctor turned to look at his patient. Tomer now standing in top of the hospital bed slammed a fist in to his face. Then fallowed that by grabbing the top of the doctor head and started to dig his claws in to the doctor’s gut. Pop`a dove over the bed grabbing his son by the neck and pulling off the doctor and on to the white plastic floor. 4 hospital attendants ran in to the room and jumped on to the two of them. From Some where under this massive pile of scales. The doctor could just hear Pop`a say. “It is ok, it is over.” “Let them up, don’t hurt them.” Pop`a and Tomar just sat there looking up at the lights.

Not The Only Hunter

As I walk along I always look for my foes foot prints. And I found them and they found me. That is the Shi`lecks tracks are fallowing some of mine. I am going to have to adjust for this.
An hour later I came across a dead nar-beast. A Nar-baest is a large reptile with thick hard scales. The there are only two who could kill one of these this world. A Barabel or a shi`leck. This was done by a Shi`leck. No Barabel would eat a fore legged reptile not to mention they smell worse then a room for of Jawas. Besides you can’t miss the track or the teeth marks. Barabel teeth are half round Shi`lecks completely pound it’s like a mouth full of claws.

He has eaten this within the last few hours. So he has gone to sleep.
Seeing I have only found one of its dens I have little chance of finding it today or even tomorrow. But I have a lot of work to do back at my den.

Ready For Company

Firehours will be here soon and I have on intention of getting burnt again. I have move/rolled as many large rocks as I could in two rings around the entrance to my den. A Shi`leck will only run over open flat land. Any optical taller than its chest it will walk up to and check out before going ahead. When it is chasing prey, the will run at rocks so the shi`laek will slow to a walk.
Also I have added a round sandstone door to the den.
I had bee thinking about going back it den and waiting for it. But that would just get me killed. I could not stand up in its den never mind fight. And as for standing out side it would see me be fore I see it and it still could be a female with one or two little helper.

A Walk In The Park

My scanner tells me I’m over due by 3 weeks. I wonder if that is by the original start date or from when I reset it. Oh well I’m not done yet. My brother’s killer is still there. I know because he has been watching me.

It’s Time to go to work. This is the best time of year firehours only last for about 8 ½ hours and it not as likely if you can find any cover.
Now every time I go thru the pass feel I little unease.
I know the Shi`leck has been there and it would be a good place for an ambush. So today I’ll go over the rocks just for a change.
Well this is fun the rocks are as sharp as they looked from the bottom.
Oh and what is this, a fiend waiting that the pass.
I knew it. This surprise is going to be on you.
So I head down the back side as quietly as I can. Now I sneak along the base to the pass. And peek around a rock.

First Dance

FRACK it’s gone. Ok, ok find its tracks, keep your ears open, and be ready.
Drop and roll now. The Shi`leck pounded on the ground where I had been standing. Now I had him, once in a fight a shi`leck never backs down.
It ran strait at me. I tried to shove my lance in its mouth and missed.
The Shi`leck swung its grate head to the side and bit on to the lance. It seems confused by the wooden shaft of the lance. Then he bites it in half. I take two quick steps back. The Shi`leck pulls its back legs up under its self and drives its head at my neck. I grab what’s left of my lance by the ends holding it horizontally I shove it to the back of the Shi`leck’s mouth like a bit. I then grab the horns that stick out the sides of it head with my fingers, holding the shaft with my thumbs. And I squeezed. The Shi`leck yanked is head to the left, the lance, the Barabel, about 20 kilograms of dirt and stone went to the left.
The Shi`leck yanked is head to the right, the lance, the Barabel, about 20 kilograms of dirt and stone went to the right. Now I see the game let’s change the rules a little. I pushed my feet out, dropped to my hunches and put my tail down. When it tried to push my backward nothing moved. So it tried going to the left. Ha no luck. Every so often it would pull, Push or yank. But it was giving me time to think. So a little review. Horns on side of the head (defense) teeth (offense) smell defiantly (offense) belly soft, back hard, Axe head stuck in back. Good for you Tomar.

Well this is as good of a time as any. I slowly move my right hand from that huge head. And is, it’s as big as my chest. Just as my hand gets to my knife the Shi`leck starts to pull to the left. I grab back on to its horn. And come up with a new plan. When it yanks left, right, or pushes I hold still but when it pulls. I pull back hard enough to move the Shi`leck a few centimeters. I first time I did this it pulled harder. The second time it almost ripped my arms off but. I held my own. The third time I shoved with all my strength. The Shi`leck rolled vent over head three times.
A quick look at the ski, 4 hours. A quick look at the ground no blasters. Well if this was a holovid.

The Shi`leck moved of about 15 meters and started pacing back and forth. Ok so has he goes left, I’ll go right. As it goes right I’ll say still. Every few minutes the Shi`leck snaps his teeth in the air. After the 4th time I snapped mine back at him. He turned in a complete circle. Yah, it’s a he, I checked when it was rolling in the dirt.
He walks back and forth a few more times. Now his back is to the rocks. Then he does another of those funny little circles. Come out of the circle low and fast. Going for my left leg so I pull it and my tail up out of range. He runs passed, turns and comes right back at me. But this time he was way off. I could have stood and he still would have almost missed. So I stuck him in the front leg with my knife, hard and deep. To deep, he took my knife with him.
So back to the dance. You would think having a knife in your leg would hurt. I don’t think he knows it’s there.
He made one more low attack, again I dodged. But with out a knife I settled for punching him in the top of the head. He went back to his pacing back and forth stopping to shake his head a few times.

The Last Dance

Then the Shi`leck stop and dorps on to his belly. And starts wiggling back and forth. He can’t jump from there. But still, I don’t like it.
I’m starting to feel hot all over, my arm tighten up, now my legs. Did he bite me? Is this how the Shi`lecks venom works? I’m starting to shake no I’m vibrating. What’s wrong with me? My breathing has gotten fast. I feel my claws dig into the ground and my vision goes red.
The Shi`leck hops once forward dropping to his chest and flies at my face like he was shot out of a blaster. My body lowers to my hunches my tail slaps against the ground. What is happing to me?
I am bouncing back up under power from my legs and tail. I look up to see the belly of the beast in the air above me. By the first jedi. My right arm flies out. My claws jab in to the neck my fingers curl down behind the caller bone as the thumb claw jabs in to the breast bone. Even as this is happen my left arm is on the move setting its grip on the tailbone. And I’m pulling the beast down to meet my jaws. I feel my feet hit the ground. I was in the air? As soon as I hid the ground my jaws were ripping and tearing the skin and muscle from the best. It tried to struggle but it was to late I had it in a death grip. Still out of my control my head thrashed back and forth. Out came the stomach and intestines, oh now my whole head is in there ripping at something. My head comes out and i seem to be ramming my left hand in to the hole.
Yes that is what I’m doing. And I pull out the heart, it beats its last thump as I swallow it. In the pull myself to my full height take a deep lung full of air and push it in to the Barabel neck sack. Then I fill my lungs again. Then squeezing all the air from lungs and sack and pushing it through my vocal cords. I let out such a cry (maybe war cry) I was afraid it would leave me deaf. It echoed for a good 20 seconds after.

And I sunk to the ground still have 3 hours. I’ll just rest for two.
My farther always talked about the Barabel with in. he must have meant our instincts could take over. I must never let this happen agi….. and I sleep

To Go Home Barabel

What a strange sight. I open my eyes and there is a Hu-mon standing over me. With one tiny little eye.
The smallest eye I have ever seen. The other is just an indented eyelid. What, oh the common language.
“Are you alright?” ”Yes I’m fine.”
“Did that thing make that god awful sound?” “No”
“You didn’t?” “ I was pissed”
“I was 19 kilometers away when I heard it.”
“Come on lets get you out of here.” I step over to the Shi`leck and pull my knife out of its leg and return it to the sheath. I then rip the axe head form its back and slip it under my belt. “Ok, I’m done here”
The hu-mon opens the door of a speeder and says “hop in”
I try to get in with my knees on the seat but the hu-mon tells me “NO on your butt ahh vent”
I asked what am I to do with my tail. The hu-mon steps around me and looks at the seat. “I see what you mean”. He pulls out a blaster and fires 3 time into the seat. Then uses a vibrosword to make the hole bigger.
“If that what you do to speeders what would you use on a Shi`leck?” as I point at the mess I left behind.
The hu-mon smiles and says. “Why you, of course”
We get in to the speeder with barabel seating, and we’re off.
“What happen to you face?”
“Someone tried to kill me and only killed my eye.”
“Did you kill him?”
“Did you have a good lunch.”
“Yes, Did you kill him?”
“Did you ahh never mind, YES I KILLED HIM.”

2 hours latter and I home. I open the door and climb out. The hu-mon pulls him self up against his door. Trying to stay away form the firehours heat. “Thank you sir, you saved me a 3 day walk. I hope we meet again so I can repay you.” “You what goes around comes around? So I’m sure we’ll meet again.” He reaches out to me, so I reach in. I could see the pain on his face from the heat. He grabs 3 of my fingers and shakes them. “Take care and I’ll see you latter.” So I said “When it comes back around?” “yes” I turned to walk away.
“Hay big Barabel” I turned back “A Barabel shouldn’t be seen un armed” and he hands me the handle of a Vibro Axe “This is” but he was gone.
I walked in to my home. Mother was first to see me. She thru her arms around me. She has never done this before; I don’t know what I should do. So I put one of my arms around her. Thank the jedi my farther walked in. Let him breathe. He slaps me on the back and says “You know we all thought you were dead.” “why?” “You left 5 months ago.” “I had something I had to do.” Then Tomar came in and grabbed my shoulder. “It is good to see you bother, ah ah thank you”
“I have some thing for you” I pulled the axe head from my belt and handed it to him. He said “Than it is over, yes?” “Yes it is over” “Wow”

A few hours latter, after my mother had feed me 4 or 5 times. I got a chance talked to my farther. “POP`a wha” “I’m not your pop`A any more you can call me father or Kallamar, that is my name you know.”
“ hum ah, farther what about Tomar?”
“He will be fine, he will be known as Tomar of Barab instead of Tomar the Barable.” “But he did fight a shi-leck and live and he has the scars to prove it. He will be respected.” “Maybe some day someone from the royal house will name him Barable.” “Some time you have to tell me how you got the axe head back and how you got the new axe.

End part one


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